Artistic Spotlight - Kitty Gallannaugh

Kitty, a 21 year old portrait and fashion photographer from London, England, began photography early on. As she states, "Part of me has forever been photographing, as a kid I would just casually photograph everything I saw whether it was through the car window, my socks or my family. By 13 I got into digital photography and taught myself how to edit with Photoshop; that was the beginning of my obsession." Kitty always edits her photos. As she states, "Without editing I feel they're too "vulnerable"-- they haven't the artist's final trademark stamp put on them. I try to do as little editing as possible and spend the longest time setting up each shot to ensure I won't have too much to enhance/change. I only ever touch the colours, either muting or brightening certain areas. The contrast is always fiddled with and I occassionally will change the lighting if I feel it isn't completely "right". Otherwise, I don't do anything overly fancy." At the moment you can pick up a free curve for photoshop on her website in order to emulate her look.
To take her shots she uses her Canon 5D Mark II and finds herself inspired by the works of Tim Walker, Annie Leibovitz and Sally Mann. When asked about her current projects she states, " usually keep them very secret but don't see any harm in hinting towards them! I'm working on a couple of new series - something to bring back the sleepy summery feeling and something to capture the wild youth." We look forward to it! To check out more of Kitty's work click here.

Artistic Spotlight - John Kilar

John Kilar, a 25-year old photographer from Venice, California, is completely self taught. He started taking photos only a year ago, and it shows, but the amateurish nature of his photos has a charm to it. He uses his Yashica T-4 to takes his shots and doesn't like to edit his photos with any major changes, just a bit of adjusting in Apple Preview. As he states, "I like to keep my photos as natural as possible."
This search for naturalness finds its way into the subject matter of his work. As John states, "I prefer nature over people," but he'll take photos of anything and everything that comes his way--"anything I find visually appealing." When asked to describe his work as a whole John says, "My whole body of work is a perpetually evolving project documenting my adventures and travels." You can check out his charming photos by clicking here.

The Fashion Press Issue 3 is Now Available!

After a week of delays, The Fashion Press Issue Three is now available for purchase!

Featuring articles by:
Lee Jones
Lidija Rozitis
Matt Tamblyn
Shaya Ishaq
Chuck Nnebe

As well as featuring artists:

Shannon Armishaw
Andrew Morrow
Ryan Smeeton
Sarah Tue-Fee
Shannon Whittle
Susan Gardiner Bourlier

And a fashion spread on stage and under water - Dancers in the dark


Last week the Artery volunteer group at the Ottawa Art Gallery hosted the event heART ATTACK to bring young people into the gallery scene. It was a great event for talking about art, making some of your own, and eating goodies! Artery events have a fun and laid-back atmosphere, so next time grab a friend and come along.

Want to know exactly what the Artery group is?
"Here at the Ottawa Art Gallery, we think a gallery ought to be more than just a space with art in it! The Artery Project is a fun and flexible environment for youth and young professionals to experience art and culture. Whether it’s seeing and/or discussing art, films, exhibits; or organizing events, talks, parties; it’s about making connections and having a blast in the ARTS."

But don't take our word for it, pop over and check it out for yourself.
To learn more about the Artery club click here. To join the email list email

[photo credit - Nancy Jones]

Blogger Spotlight - Linnea Jacobson

Linnea from Umea, Sweden, is only 14 and already a style star. Recently featured on WhoWhatWear, this red head has a knack for mixing vintage with new. She also likes playing with photography. For camera equipment she uses a Canon eos 60d, with a Canon 50 mm 1.8 and a Vivitar 85mm 1.4. as well has a fujifilm instax 210 and a fujica. Her family takes her daily outfit posts and they definitely do a good job. Linnea's blog is more than just style, the photography is magazine worthy as well.
When asked about her style inspiration she talks about the website lookbook, a website where people can share their daily fashion. To check out her lookbook click here. To join her over 2000 + viewers on her blog click here. Finally, to check out her photography blog click here.

Do It Yourself - The Knot Bracelet

My favourite blogger, The Man Repeller, calls them arm parties and I've been really into them this summer. They include loads of colourful bracelets running up your arms and they're also easy to create. If you haven't seen the other diy bracelets on this site click here for the bolt bracelet and click here for the friendship bracelet. For the knot bracelet, I was inspired by a bracelet sold on the forever 21 website. All you have to do is get coloured string and use as many colours as you like. I personally like thinner bracelets but if you enjoy the chunkier ones just add more string. Then tie loads of knots with them and then add a clasp. Voila!

Book Review - Bad Day Magazine

Bad Day is quickly becoming one of my favourite magazines. Bad Day, a quarterly arts publication founded in Toronto, focuses on Canadian and international artists. What draws me to Bad Day is its interview format. The text is raw, rather than perfected written prose, and it's always so fascinating to read how articulate these artists are. They explain their works so fluently and beautifully, which I find to be a big inspiration. This issue features artists ( such as Steven Shearer, Tauba Auerbach, David Shrigley and Tomi Ungerer), music video director Mike Mills, music reviewer Andrew Kuo, and furniture designer Martino Gamper. An awesome summer read that you can check out by clicking here.