the fashion apocalypse

the fashion of most time periods revisit other years in a small way, but the trends of these early 2000's are basically picking an era every season to get completely into.and this plays in the political/ social scene because everyone's scared, whether of terrorists, invading countries, diseases, or more inward and personal issues.

think back to around ( maybe slightly after) 9/11, when the 1950's look was really stylish. everyone reminisces as that era (meaning the 50's) as being so wholesome, classic, and safe. people were scared, and wanted to go back to that feeling. but perhaps designers were thinking a little deeper, about things like the space race, the cold war, etc. those events were unsettling and somewhat mirrored the US and it's relations in 2001/2002.
then things started to change later on, with more and more people realizing that george bush is a total douche. they protested and tried to change things,similar to the hippies and protesters of the 1960's. except then , the protesters actually effected things. and the protest hippie feeling is the political root of boho.
and now, trying to put this mod and black look in a political light, i've come up with this: politically, at least in north america, people are just getting tired. they are becoming jaded, and this affects the protests, and thus the hippie trend. they disassociate themselves from both, and do the total 60's opposite of boho -- mod. and when you compare this season's balck and grey stripped-down military mod look to earlier boho flouncy colourful styles, you see that the whole world is just getting a little more cynical. and that cynicisim translates into fashion, where maybe most designers just don't what to try as much. instead of creating completely ( or almost completely) new looks, they just borrow from another era, either for comfort of to comment on the current state of things, and relate it to another time. that relation then goes back to comfort.
after the cynical feelings we all just went crazy. going into the 80's materialism - shopping for happiness. with shiny spandex and wild colours we needed a distraction from the political world. and now, as we go even deeper , to the return of the spice girls 90's and the wild extent of the fashions, we seem to be coming full circle. what most people don't realize is the feelings we have about the world are reflected in the fashions of the time. now that we've come first circle it's time for an apocalypse.

[photo credit - Horst Diekergerdes / AnOther magazine 2008]


  1. I like what you're doing with this I blog. I can see that it's new and I just wanted to wish you a great start! BTW, would you like to do a link exchange with my blog?

  2. fashion follows politics, always did, always will!


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