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" the people over whom we reign, being unable to apprehend the basic reality of things, usually derive their opinions from what they can see with their eyes."
- Louis XIV

Self centred, but in a way true, your style is a way of demonstrating who you are to the people who have yet to meet you. The people you see on the street of in the hallways from a glance form their opinions. We can't help it; we are all guilty of it. That might sound shallow but nevertheless; your style creates your aura.

Fashion is so much more that just getting dressed in the morning. Fashion and style are possibly one of the greatest forms of self expression in the world. Looking back on decades and centuries and eras, clothing styles are one of the first images that come to mind. Fashion icons, cuts and styles of clothing, details and designs... all of these things come to mind when looking back in time.

Then back to our daily lives. Even people who couldn't care less about fashion are touched by the influences of it everyday through impressions. One of the first things you notice about someone is what they're wearing and often times we make judgments, as I stated before. I’ve seen so many people who will meet a person for the first time and instantly label them or create a semi-conclusion of what that person is like. And these judgments change according to what aura you create. It’s all up to you.

[photo credit - oliviero toscani /dazed and confused 2008 ]

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