Zana Bayne from the garbage dress

Zana Bayne from san francisco is fashionable and inventive in quirky ways. she describes her style as "a mixture of luxe, minimalism, and avant garde. a bit eccentric but not without consideration." with lots of sequins, she's my new favourite. she really is experimental with her clothing choices and has such fearless style. i only wish i was this expressive everyday.
and now for lee's typical questions of zana's favourite things:
her favourite piece of clothing is "this dominatrix/matrix/powerbitch over-the-top rainproof pleated Zucca coat. " (it is featured below).  her favourite foods are persimmons during the fall and mangoes during the summer and scallop ceviche. oh, and also chocolate strawberries. Though it is hard to pick a top band, at the moment one of her favourite bands the gun club "takes a slight lead."  and, last but not least, her favourite animals are bats. not to sound freudian but this bat aspect does seems to be in her fashion unconscious as well. black is quite prominent but is contrasted with pops of colour or , preferably, sequins. she's definitely got wicked style.

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  1. I really like her style. Nice post.

  2. I love her! She has amazing style and it's nice to see a curvier girl looking so fierce.


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