capital fashion week

Capital Fashion Week, held at the Government Conference Center on Rideau Street, had a perfect start off. Day one was full of professional collections from around Canada featuring some of the best designers such as DACE from Vancouver, the men's line KaaDiki from Calgary, House of Spy from Toronto, JUMA also from Toronto, Eugenia Designs from Montreal and the memorable Marie Saint-Pierre from Montreal. DACE began the night with flowing materials and a sixties hippie vibe emphasized by the Beatles' tunes playing in the background.  The clean cut lines and down to earth feel of the collection added to the youthful and summery motif. Following was the mens line KaaDiki which evoked prep school cool with sport genie pants, speedos, and structured shirts. House of Spy had a clubbing mentality with vibrant colours mixed with slick blacks. The hair of that collection was also memorable featuring over-the-top pompadours as you can see on Ilana below. Dominique Rochon definitely works hair wonders and the encompassment of all these parts of the line made House of Spy one of the clear leaders in Canadian design.  Juma by Alia and Jamil Juma was has a career and urban vibe. The genie panted tux was a clear favourite among the crowd and is a prominent style for the upcoming spring/summer 09 season. Eugenia Designs had beautiful flowing dresses but the most memorable part of the collection was the pleated headpieces which were reminiscent of victorian era feather headdresses.  Between the shows, interpretive dances choreographed by Julie Gauthier kept the audience alive until the highlight of the night arrived. Marie Saint-Pierre had a classic gothic look with sky-high heels similar to the shoes made famous by Vivienne Westwood. Capital Fashion Week had an impressive first day and one can only look forward to day two which occurs tonight.
Guess who showed up?
Stacey McKenzie of Canada's Next Top Model
D A C E by Dace Moore

Juma by Alia and Jamil Juma

House of Spy by Wendy Wong

photo cred: Ottawa Citizen and myself


  1. i love stacey mckenzie. crazy lady.

  2. lubię twoje zdjęcia. Fajna krata. Nie jestem przekonana co do butów - mam uczulenie na złoty, ale podoba mi się ich kształt

  3. you guys got a good eye. the misters outfit was on point.


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