Eliza's Designs

Eliza, a sixteen year old designer makes wonderful creations. She started out by deciding that clothes were too expensive so why not maker her own. "I'd go to the opp shop and buy an old high waisted skirt and take it up so it was nice and modern. Then I started to do it with all the clothes I bought and I'd get heaps of compliments from people about what I was wearing. I only started making clothes from complete scratch very recently and my sister was pretty impressed and encouraged me to keep going."

Upon asking her where she gets her inspiration from : "I watch movies, such as factory girl, which inspired me a lot to make my dresses. Also gossip girl inspired me a bit because I love what Blair Waldorf is always wearing. Even if I'm walking or driving past a shop window and I see something I like, I'll adapt it to one of my dresses. Once I get an idea in my head I always have to make it." Her dream job is to become a designer and from the looks of it she's already on her way.
you can see more of her designs at elizasroom.blogspot.com


  1. Thanks for commenting, you have a pretty fantastic blog.

    This girl has some great designs, it seems like she'll go far.

  2. That's impressive for a 16 year old!


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