stephanie from the fashion robot

stephanie from the fashion robot has been documenting her style via the world wide web for over a year and has gathered quite a style posse.  she describes her style as all over the place. her style changes as her inspiration changes. "Right now it's Japanese street style, the 1940s, the skinheads. I like outfits with themes, ones that are almost costume-y in a way."
when stephanie is at career age she wants to be a lawyer and will probably be one of the most funky sophisticats in the office. "I like people," she says, "Actually, that's a lie. I like people who are properly interested in things - horror movies, the renaissance, speaking other languages, existential literature - little random things that make them fascinating to talk to. I can't stand small talk about mundane crap like school or work, I want to get strait to the inner geek or else I lose interest."
about the apparent shallowness of fashion she states, "From looking through blogs and person style sites it seems that many of the people who spend enough time cultivating their own unique look usually have random interests to match. People always pass of those people as "shallow" but I think those who dress the way they do, do so for their own satisfaction - not to look cooler or be part of a specific group - are some of the most interesting people out there."
now for lee's random questions of stephanie's favourite things. her favourite activity is to read books and her book of choice is a clockwork orange by anthony burgess. her clothing item of choice at the moment are combat boots " because they're so comfortable" and a magazine she enjoys is kera "a magazine that I've never actually seen in person, only from scans."
overall stephanie has unique kick-ass style mixing colours and prints in ways you wouldn't think possible. her experimentation has won her teenvogue interviews and the teenvogue award of style blog of the week. she has spread throughout the internet hemisphere like wild fire and we will continue to look forward to her daily doses of fashion.  you can see more of stephanie's style at 


  1. the first hair-do is pretty cute. your blog too.



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