susie bubble

a favourite of mine for the past two years, Susie Bubble is a lady of inventive class and fun interpretations. Now age 24, Susie started blogging in March 2006 and was featured in teenvogue magazine just about a year later. An ex-digital media worker she is now a commissioning editor of Dazed Digital, an online extension of the ever-cool magazine Dazed and Confused.
born in london and with parents originating from Hong Kong, Susie's style is ever evolving and inclusive of almost anything. Susie is a clear example that you can make anything work if you put it with the right things. when asked about what clothing pieces she finds her self drawn to she states, "depends on the shop. I'm generally drawn to anything that takes my fancy on that particular day, on a particular moment, it really is hard to say. Right now, I'd be drawn to heels constructed out of metal." 
Susie's styles are quite daring and so are her choices of shoes. She wears flats some days but also high heels. and by the word 'high' i mean really high. when asked how she can walk in the Marni patent wedges she states it's "fairly easy. they're not 'taxi' shoes by any stretch of the imagination. I walked in them on cobbled streets in Stockholm for a good twenty minutes without too much trouble. I wouldn't go hiking in them or anything."
In ten years time how does Susie see herself? "If this recession doesn't make Western civilization crumble down to the point that everyone is in a destitute state then I guess in ten years' time I'd like to obviously still be involved in some way in fashion, in which way I'm not really sure. I think fashion roles as we know it will change anyway and that familiar hierarchy will shift so I would never be a fashion luvvie/darrrrling because there won't be that tolerance for that sort of people. Also, I can't address other people as 'Darrrrrling!' I'd sound so lame." hopefully this recession won't affect her career path. we can only hope for the best.
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  1. she has an amazing sense of style.

  2. Susie is exceedingly inovative. And it's nice to see willing to wear whatever it is they please.

  3. the second and the third outfits are amazing for me!:)


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