toria - the art student

Toria Courtney, an art student from ottawa makes modern art with an edgy feel. similar to the art you'd find in nylon magazine, toria's art is nostalgic and beautiful. she's inspired by "things all around me, music, other art, people and fashion." Toria started enjoying art at a young age for two reasons; disney movies and her mom's monet umbrella. Top favourite disney art inspirations are Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty, Little Mermaid, and The Princess and the Goblin. As she states, "I love art because it allows you to be yourself and express yourself."
Her favourite artists include Bansky, Degas, Monet... "Oh and Alex Pardee and this new girl I found Audrey Kawasask." She believes that graffiti art is important because it allows the artist to choose their own canvas. One can choose where it will effect their viewer the most. "Bansky has a great social impact because what he has created for graffiti has really changed and challenged art and what people consider 'art'." an artist in the making, her favourite art class this semester is "hands down the painting field!" Toria is one cool cat.


  1. Thank you for the lovely comment! Your blog is very nice, I love the features you have. Very inspiring.

  2. I love the painting in the middle!


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