U_MAG: officially the best magazine

U_MAG is a free online magazine which has all the philosophical and edgy fashions of the old nylon and sassy magazines. a truly intellectual magazine which includes many thought experiments and attempts to understand reality. a real mix of fashion and culture. one of the most inventive online magazine around it presents a new and fresh perspective of fashion and life. a favourite quote of mine: 

 "Most aspects of hyper reality can be thought of as 'reality by proxy.' For example, a view watching pornography begins to live in the non-existent world of the pornography, and even though pornography is not an accurate depiction of sex, for the viewer, the 'reality' of sex becomes something non-existent. Some examples are simpler: the McDonald's 'M' arches create a world with the promise of endless amounts of identical food, when in 'reality' the 'M' represents nothing, and the food produced is neither identical nor infinite."

U_MAG gets you thinking about how we experience life and is a magazine of great quality.

you can check out U_MAG at www.umagmag.blogspot.com 


  1. I love the sonic voodoo doll picture. This magazine looks cool.

  2. this looks quite amazing I´ll gow check it ouuut.
    lovely blog.
    shall wee trade liinks?

  3. hehehe
    so interesting, cool :)

    a kiss!

    great blog!


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