a dip inside lee's closet - favourite shirts

New feature. Yesterday, while procrastinating on getting ready for school, I had the urge to scan and shirts came to mind. The first colourblock stripped tee was one of my own creations. After getting slightly bored with my plain american apparel tops I took four high neck tops and made one V neck. It reminds me of some type of superhero from a Sailor Moon and Rainbow Brite era and recycling old shirts saved some moola as well. The second purple acid wash is also a favourite because of the summery 80's feel. The last one, a patterned button up that looks like someone's living room drapes or wallpaper, is so geek chic that it actually puts me in a homework mood. For a new semester, I think I'll be wearing the last one and lots of thick rimmed glasses.


this is the hook, you like it.