a dip inside lee's closet - favourite shoes

The first time I walked down the stairs in these shoes my mother exclaimed that I was wearing nun shoes. I guess high-heeled white oxfords are the shoe of choice for our convent sisters. Nevertheless, it makes them pretty cool cats as my respect for nuns went up a notch that day. 
I passed by these purple leather mary janes in Florence and must say I've never felt such a pull to something. I'm not usually someone to go crazy over buying something, since I avoid shopping most of the time, but that day in Florence was an exception.  Note: these shoes look better whilst not flattened to oblivion by scanning techniques. 
These bright blue penny loafers have been trekked through mud, Halloween chaos, and maybe even some snow, yet my love for them comes from the fact that they have been able to stay blue. Also, I know I have done a hard days work when my socks turn blue from the dye ( ie not sweat but rather elapsed time on my feet causes inevitable friction from sock to shoe). All my shoes have gone with me to Italy, Paris, and many different life experiences. I love them all, but these are my favourite. 


  1. omg now youre scanning shoes.wats next? FOOD?

  2. loved it, i think they're cute and girlish.

  3. these are amazing, love you shoe style (:

  4. Wow..! Those are the best shoes ever!!! First pair is my most favorite.


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