Drop Snap Street Fashion

Fascinating and incredibly unique, the street style page Drop Snap is attracting a lot of attention.  Raved about on Jane Aldridge's blog Sea of Shoes and Lulu's blog Lulu and Your Mom the site is spreading like wild fire. As Aldridge states "It's the only site where I can find girls using teddy bears as outfit accessories, boys wearing orange fur trimmed jeans, and the only street style site where the word 'chic' is rarely applicable." 
Presenting fashion that is so ugly it's cool, Drop Snap's editor-in-chief Daisuke Yokota has a defined mission for Drop Snap. As he states "Many Japanese with a sense of creativity and fashion exist here it Tokyo yet there is no media to express their art and message. Unfortunately the reality is that the medias who get the most attention never  notice these fashionable people. This is why it is time for Drop to take some action. We will introduce people who create the Tokyo culture." You can check out Drop Snap by clicking here.


  1. tokyo is a century ahead of us when it comes to fashion. their confidense and originality never ceases to amaze me. i love when these kids are brought to the attention of bloggers!!

  2. I LOVE the girl with the hello kitty tee! Her glasses are amaaaazing!!!!


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