The Fashion Almanac

Created by Laura Bradley, who also works full time at, The Fashion Almanac sold out instantly after being featured on the infamous blog Style Bubble. After seeing a sneak peek I went in search of getting my own but, alas, they are only available for viewing on the net. Even still, if you look at the online version you will be amazed. With various charts and colour coordinated theories, The Fashion Almanac has turned upcoming trends into a detailed mathematical art.

"Why?" One might ask. Yet the answer is very clear and strait forward. As the creator Laura states "The Fashion Almanac was born out of my dissatisfaction with what was on the newsstand and chiefly inspired by almanacs [...] I love the way almanacs communicate information in an interesting way and thought this would work really well for fashion - this is the first time fashion has been given the almanac treatment!"
The Almanacs mission statement is strictly upheld. As the website states " The Fashion Almanac's mission is to offer a selective, informative, and entertaining analysis of the fashion world, in all it's complexity." Move out of the way farmer predictions. Now fashion has colour wheels, equations, venn diagrams, and history. Whoever thought fashion was stupid was out of their minds. See the online copy of The Fashion Almanac by clicking here.

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  1. everytime i read about this book.. i start to think i can't live without it!


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