Fashion in Film - Coco Before Chanel

Infamous designer Coco Chanel is the subject matter for a new film featuring actress Audrey Tautou.  This beautiful film was shot in Paris and Normandy and the costumes were completely watched over by Karl Lagerfeld, the present designer of the Chanel house. Based on the book by Edmonde Charles-Roux the film features a french cast and has the original title of Coco Avant Chanel. Luckily for us, an english version is expected to arrive in theatres mid April with subtitles. Personally I think Tautou will be perfect for the role as she looks exactly like a younger Chanel as shown in the photos below. All around, this film looks like it will be a successful project. 


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  2. oh how i adore audrey i'm so excidet about this film.


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