Glorious Mary Katrantzou

Mary Katrantzou, a designer originating from Greece, is quickly making a name for herself in the fashion business. With bold textile prints, Katrantzou creates classic silhouettes with a youthful twist. This talented designer has much experience and education in design after starting out at the Rhode Island School of Design and eventually going on to earn her MA at Central Saint Martins. 
Katrantzou was featured in London Fashion Week with generous sponsorships for her S/S 09 collection and has been raved about on various sites such as The mixture of space age shapes, massive faux jewelry prints, and seventies colours makes for a collection of dresses which meet every era. The culmination of all these aspects make for outfits where fine ladies lace and astronauts meet. An inspiring collection, Katrantzou's is one for the ages.


  1. Oh my god if I owned any of these dresses, I swear I would never complain again about anything.

    y-s x

  2. Hey!!

    this is amazing. I found your website in Prim Magazine. I am from Ottawa, now living in toronto for school. This is exactly what Ottawa needs!

    if you want to check out my blog it's

    I will definetly stay up to date with your website too!


  3. Amazing, her work is SO amazing. It's no wonder though-if she studied at RISD and CSM. Those are both really really amazing schools. Love the dresses-great post :)

    xo, mavi

  4. Omidamn, amazing. Its like wearing jewelery without wearing actual jewelery. I think this might be better.

  5. These dresses are absolutely stunning! Love the 3d print effect :)

  6. Inspiring indeed, I love them :)


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