Julia from Bunny Bisous

Named by Tommy Ton as "fashion's new darling" Julia Frakes, owner of the blog bunny bisous and writer for PaperMag.com, has taken the fashion world by storm. The eighteen-year-old from Scranton starting blogging in 2007 and before ending highschool she had already landed a job at Paper Magazine. When asked why she started blogging she states, "Over the years I've amassed these dusty, overstuffed scrapbooks just bursting with clippings from old books, vintage periodicals, and some of my favourite fashion magazines... Eventually I felt slightly guilty stashing all my inspiration under lock-and-key and thereby resolved to create a playful forum to share my fascination with fashion."
With her elfin-like features and strawberry blonde hair, Julia has a distinct presence. Also, according to Simon Doonan, She typifies the "dainty existentialist." While not blogging  she enjoys reading Jane Austen and Sylvia Plath. When asked about the importance of blogging she states, "Their immediacy and ability to connect like-minded people from around the world is mindblowing! Plus the pure frivolity that might otherwise be considered "a waste of paper" in print media makes for thoroughly entertaining commentary online." This stylish lady will definitely be going places. You can read an interview between her and teenvogue by clicking here and then check out her blog by clicking here. 


  1. Cool post. I saw the last photo in TheCobraSnake site and i was amazed by the extrange beauty.

    (have you seen your ad in FRINGE INDIE MAGAZINE, it looks really cool).


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