Photography by Lina Scheynius

Lina Scheynius, the Swedish-born photographer, takes fragile and intimate shots of her daily life. Her photographs are known mostly for their natural and raw attitude. Now living in Paris her shots have spread world wide and her photo books have already been sold out. When describing her photography process she states "My favourite pictures are the ones I have taken completely without having a viewer in mind. When I work on my personal pictures the viewer doesn't enter my mind until I start the selection process for my website. And even then I try to not think about him or her. If I did, I think a larger section of my work would remain unseen, as a lot of it is extremely personal to me and not initially captured to be viewed by others, but more to document. Or experiment. I guess that it is my almost forced regard of the viewer that gives the impression that I am fearless." You can see more of her interview with Johanna Reed by clicking here and you can see her website by clicking here. 
Also, not only is Lina a fantastic photographer, she also has cute style. Click on the video below to see her jump around in her wardrobe. 

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  1. I love the first photo, the dress is just so pretty!!


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