Early in May 2008, I received an e-mail from the owners of LookBook.nu talking about their new website and inviting me to join in on the young project. Even in it's early stages, LookBook was a wicked idea where style inspiration and voting meet. Not only can you easily get feedback on your outfits but LookBook can also spread news of upcoming designers and labels. Through LookBook I have found countless interesting websites and lots of inspiration. The idea of LookBook came from the website The Sartorialist and is described by it's owners as an "international social experiment in style." Quickly spreading through the web the goal of the page is "to bring together diverse, aesthetically talented and open-minded people from around the world and showcase the best in international street fashion."
The website functions by each participant posting a "look" which is a photograph which displays their style , and, if they choose, a message talking about what their style represents. Once an outfit is posted members are free to "hype" their favourite looks and the top ones are showcased on the main page. In the early days it was amazing if the top outfit received 50 votes but the site has grown to such great heights that outfits can achieve a voting of up to 500 or 600 votes. At the moment LookBook is invite only but if any of you would like an invite send a photo of your style to leejones@thefashionpress.org. Meanwhile, check out the site by clicking here. 


this is the hook, you like it.