Signe from Stockholm, and creator of the blog Milk, has been blogging for just over a year. Now featured on American Apparel ads in both French VOGUE and i-D magazine, she has made her mark on the fashion circuit. Yet her blogging journey started off with an odd occurrence. "I was laying at home with an concussion caused by headbanging my head into the wall while dancing on my bed. Bored and feeling creative I started Milk."
Though she has been featured on the infamous website she claims that her style is "at the moment, really boring. Everyday the same. Dr Martins, black leggings, flannel shirts and a second hand fur jacket. Comfortable, warm, and lots of black." She also claims that she has an odd obsession with aprons and while not blogging she likes "hanging out with my boyfriend or dancing with my friends at a club." Fun and mysterious you can check out more of Signe by clicking here.


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  2. Never heard of her. Interesting post!

  3. I stalk her, hah. And her ads are amazing.

  4. she's a born model isn't she, love her blog. Great blog you got here! :D

  5. Oh wow, love these photos and I so want her glasses!!


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