Romance Was Born

New and incredibly vibrant, Australian label Romance Was Born is art to wear. Created by Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales, the line creates a mixture of elegance and MIA street style.  The design duo met while studying fashion at East Sydney Technical College  and after "a few fun-filled party nights" the pair became best friends. 
Just after graduating they were selected to attend The Fourth International Support Awards in Italy and famously turned down internships with Galliano. After starting out on their own they went on to dress a wide list of A-listers such as Cyndi Lauper, Debbie Harry, Lilly Allen, MIA, and The Veronicas and are well loved by the media. 
Known for their dramatic clothing, Romance Was Born was a massive hit at last years Rosemount Australian Fashion Week. What makes this label special is that the collections are interesting and unique yet definitely wearable. Also, Romance Was Born sticks to its Australian roots. As their press release states "they insist on supporting the dwindling Australian manufacturing industry and in an industry renowned for compromise and cutting corners - they never do."
With so much enthusiasm it seems that Plunkett and Sales could not go wrong. As their website states, "Romance Was Born collections are irreverent and fun loving, fabric and colour combinations are what inspire their playful outfits where sparkle, texture and bold prints jostle together in a harmonious jamboree of style. " Poking a cheeky tongue at convention you can check out more of their collection by clicking here. 


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  2. Ah, this is amazing! The riotous clash of color and pattern is incredibly inspiring!


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