The Art of Jen Stark

Jen Stark's works are known for their colourful vibrance and abstract figures. Her favourite medium is paper and she uses felt tips and pencil crayons to create the two works shown here. As she states of her work "The drawings are very spontaneous. I don't use any references when I make them. They are simply designs from my head. I do them as a way to break the monotony of cutting all day. It is good to go back and forth between the two [sculpture and drawing] and always be engaged." The contrasting colours are fascinating as they seem to come out of previous eras. Particularly her sculptures, which seem to come with a seventies vibe. "Colour is a very important part of my work. Probably just as important as the shape of the piece. Colour is so eye-catching and beautiful. I think it inspires people and gives them a moment of happiness. I love using it." A valuable artist for today you can see more of Jen's work by clicking here. 


  1. yhis reminded me of the work of maria hinze, which you might like:


this is the hook, you like it.