a dip inside lee's closet - sequins

Most of the time I'm really like a crow. I like shiny things and anything that reflects light instantly catches my eye. This first piece is a sequined beanie that I got in Montreal a year ago. It's like those coloured Bob Marley type beanies except covered with sequins and way more disco. 
These sequined booty always have a bit of sass in them and after wearing them to the beaches of Italy I cannot let them go. I had the habit in grade 12, and still do, of wearing them under skirts and dresses. No one knows that I'm secretly bringing the sass. Unfortunately the chairs at my high school would pick on the bottom and sequins would come off so no sequins on the bottom of these booty shorts. Oh well, they still rock my socks. 
This dress is full of wavy sequins and it's just plain awesome and full out 80's disco. I went to a wedding last year where everyone was dressed up classy. I showed up with this on and it definitely wowed the crowd. 


  1. I always liked the idea of wearing really frivolous underwear when the rest of my outfit is kinda bland

  2. Sequins Sequins Sequins! I am in love with Sequins. I have made it a mission of mine to find a sparkly sequins top. I love 80's disco, haaaaaaaaaaaay.

    love your blog !!
    talk to you sooooon


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