Rumi of Fashion Toast

Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast hails from San Francisco and has been blogging for just over a year. Known for her laid back attitude her clothes reflect an Alexander Wang and Eric Wasson style. "I think one thing that is quite clear about my style is that I will literally shop anywhere. This creates a wardrobe that's essentially a mash-up of high/low, with a good amount of vintage thrown in there too. I'm definitely influenced by California's beach, casual style and never look too 'done'."
Rumi's blog has reached such heights that with over 5200 followers and counting she definitely has begun to influence the fashion world. "Blogs are (or can be) everyone, all the time, there really is an insanely wide spectrum of viewpoints, inspirations, and opinions rather than just a few magazines I consulted when I was in middle school and high school. The appeal of perpetual fresh content and the power of the ability to connect with so many readers is undeniable." To read her interview with teenVOGUE click here and to visit her blog click here. 


  1. her outfits are always so crazily beautiful, and she is so pretty

  2. Nice choice of blog spotlights :)


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