Sacha Hilton

The most stylist boy I've seen on the interweb, this beautiful 18 year old Parisian takes stunning photographs. Solitary moments and some on the dance floor. Photographs which resemble the thoughtfulness of of the infamous Lina Scheynius. Though the scenery is lovely what strikes me the most about his photographs are the nostalgic 50's feel of his outfits. 
Sacha Hilton dresses like something out of a classic film. The first photo looks like something out of La Dolce Vita while the second looks like Audrey Hepburn's love interest in Breakfast at Tiffany's. If one thing is for sure, Sacha is bringing back class. I remember a few months ago wishing that bow ties would come back for they look so slick. Sacha has brought them back, along with some other awesome pieces. I strongly recommend you check out his page by clicking here. 

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