Mark Fast

Born in Canada, Mark fast is a new young designer of 28 years old.  Presently residing in London, he studied at Central Saint Martins for five years completing both his BA and MA degrees. As his website states "Mark knits everything by hand on a domestic knitting machine. His work is formed onto the body as he knits, and he has devised innovative stitching techniques, blending lyrca with viscose, angora or wool [...] sculpting areas of tension and areas of volume over the body. Mark also finds inspiration in the past, translating historical costume and style into a contemporary aethetic."
After taking on London Fashion Week this year he received rave reviews and is continuing to gather attention in the media. As Fast states "I believe that there is a growing attention to craftsmanship in fashion these days, as opposed to quick-fix disposable pieces. I am focusing on timeless classics." You can see more of Mark Fast's work by clicking here. 

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