Book Review - Influence

Influence, by Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen, is a book comprised of interviews with the people who inspire the Olsens. This is a book for those who enjoy Interview Magazine for the layout and dialogue is much the same. The book spends much of it's time emphasizing the importance of a work ethic and action but what is interesting about the book, and is quite an unexpected veer from the normal celebrity book, is that it does not focus solely on the life of the Olsens but rather the influential people in the design and art industry. The book searches to discover what makes influential creative types and goes through a broad range of unexpected characters. Included in the variety are interior designers, set designers, fashion designers, artists, models, jewelers, and authors. The book succeeds in being realistic and did not fall into the usual  trap of glorifying the Olsen's celebrity status. 

**** Four stars. 

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  1. I have this book and I adore it; I love how they interview legendary people like Karl but make them relatable


this is the hook, you like it.