Pretend It Never Happened

Pretend It Never Happened is a party photography website from Amsterdam run by Clyde Burrows and Joost Vandebrug. I was able to reach Clyde of the duo for a quick interview about the beginnings and successes of their website. When asked about how he became interested in party photography Clyde stated "the whole thing about people dressing up , I remember when I was sixteen and friday's after school we all went shopping for a special outfit to party in that night. I try to find parties where people still do their best to dress up for the night. We also give parties with Pretend It Never Happened where a lot of "fashion" people come and people want to be seen . We have models who play music, Luke Worrall is gonna DJ in our next party and Ash Stymest will play with his band in one of the parties . I wanted a blog where people could find inspiration on how to dress to party"
Clyde has major love for his holga and polaroid cameras but for the website he chooses his Canon eos 400D for high contrast and exposure. This type of photography has been spreading through the net at a wild pace. Clyde believes that party photography has become so popular in today's culture "because of the whole famous by the internet thing . Every city has his own pack of Internet celebs. People want to be a part of it , see how they are dressed. With party photography you can see which parties they go to , join them , and get inspiration."
Party photography has become an internet phenomenon. Clyde began by taking photos of people at parties and as he states a whole line would begin to form. Everyone seems to want their fifteen minutes of fame. Yet the webpage is incredibly inspiring, chock full of interesting street fashions from Amsterdam and wild folks just having a good time. You can check out Pretend It Never Happened  and see more of their photos by clicking here. 


  1. His use of the superbright flash sort of reminds me of terry richardsons work, minus all the, you know, exploitive elements. Good pick.

  2. There's nothing inspiring about this, it's been done so many times.

  3. I think the inspiring thing isn't if it is done or not before but just the way people dress . I really like it !

  4. Great post !
    love the photo's ! nice way of photography!
    would love to go to one of their parties !

  5. lovely site ! found an outfit for tonight ( the girl with the black blazer and skirt ^^) nice post ! love your blog too ! xx


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    lets link?

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    thank you for the text :)
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