Jessica Trosman was always a lover of National Geographic Magazine and that is so evident in her natural conception of clothing. With lean flowing lines and natural shimmer, looking at her clothes feels a lot like going through a rainforest. As her websites states " Jessica works between spontaneousness and exactness as if she knew the creative secrets of nature, her garments glow like mysterious objects that have been conceived effortlessly but precisely. She follows her own path which explores a large list of sources that goes from art-deco furniture to insect anatomy, astronaut suits and roller-coaster structures. "
Living in Buenos Aires, she continually finds inspiration while working, ironically enough, right beside a football stadium. Yet her line has travelled world wide being sold currently in the Americas, Europe, the Middle-East, and now Japan. Classical yet with a very new vibe her line will certainly go far. You can see more of Trosman's designs by clicking here.  Also, the website has groovy music.

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