Book Review - This Little Piggy Went to Prada

This little piggy went to Prada,
This little piggy went to Cannes.
This little piggy dined at Nobu,
And this little piggy, Hakkasan.
And this little piggy went  "Wee wee wee wee!"
All the way home because she had a fat bottom!

I received this little book as a gift a short while ago and decided to give it a read. It's one of the funniest, shallowest, and entertaining books I've read in a while. With alliterations about the fashion world and a similar style to that of The Devil Wears Prada, readers will receive lots of laughs. With a post script of "Nursery rhymes for the Blahnik Brigade" this short read is for high fashion lovers and those who want a visual feast. The illustrations inside are absolutely stunning, done by Eun-Kyung Kang, and are worth looking at on their own.  As VOGUE U.K. states This Little Piggy Went to Prada is "The book that fashion lovers should know by heart... It's a must-have and guarantees you a giggle." A perfect gift or coffee table book.  
*** Three Stars


this is the hook, you like it.