Do It Yourself - the acid wash jeans

These jeans were easily made by bleaching an old pair.
Step 1: Take a pair of jeans and soak them in a bathtub.
Step 2: Ring out the jeans and then lay them back in the empty tub.
Step 3: Put on plastic gloves and pour bleach over the jeans. Not over the whole thing just wobbly over parts.
Step 4: Wait about 10 minutes and then place the jeans in the dryer.
Wash and then wear!


  1. i have no normal jeans anymore ..

    & yes im totally down for otown contributionnn .

  2. OH & what school are you going to now, anyways ?

  3. genius!

    seriously, i may have to do this soon. (:

  4. How are you going to neutralize the bleaching agent's action?

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