do it yourself - the circle scarf

step 1: cut up loads of white squares/rectangles.  I used old shirts
step 2: sew them so they line up into one long line
step 3: sew up the side into a tube formation
step 4: turn the whole thing inside out so that the seems don't show
step 5: sew up the end
step 6: tied elastics all over it and then pour dye on top. ta da! circle scarf.

1 comment:

  1. yesyesyes ill do that asap :]
    & i swear i saw you at the desmarais starbucks last week .. you were wearing a cute black jacket, black jeans from boathouse, and a blue aa vneck .
    i wasnt posssssitive cause i only saw you from behind though .

    ... and i have never felt more stalkeresque in my life, im such a creeper .


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