It's Fall, so I've gathered some looks.

Fashion: The Louis Vuitton bunny ears have been on my mind. How much of our fashion is costume? The looks for this fall pose that interesting question. Will bunny ears become fashion accessories? Luella made costume a big hit last year with cat masks galore and Louis Vuitton has done much of the same. The looks from Nina Ricci, with their extreme edges and pointy corners pose a quite different question. What makes a woman? We have returned to the 80's wave of feminism it seems. A feminism in which women attempt to look like men, or is it the other way around? In either case the pointy shoulders have been included in many collections including Balmain and others. Then there is a feeling of powerager glam in the fall looks for Louis Vuitton. All that shine mixed with oriental looking silks and neo-Victorian puffed sleeves. In all the above, shoulders are in.
Shoes: Overall, the higher you go the more you can reach. This applies to shoes for Fall as platforms and intense pumps have reached an all time high. Adding pearls to them and shine definitely helps.
Hair: After years of poofs and pompadores, hair has finally returned to the head. Either gelled back of braided forward. The slickness of the flat hair brings us back to the face which poofs usually hide. There's also an aspect of 80's feminism as i've mentioned before. Resembling androgyny while still being feminine. The upwards braid is also a cool youthful look which I'm going to be pulling off this fall. Everyone could use a few more braids every once in a while.


  1. my hurr is in a braid as we speak .
    whoaaa .
    & i wish a pair of nicholas kirkwoods were adorning my feet, but uhh unfortunately they are not :(

  2. hello,
    please check out the music video showcasing the s/s 2010 collection for my line graey:

  3. I wish everyone would dress more costume-ish then usual... it would be a more interesting world. Maybe we should have Halloween a few times a year haha.


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