Spotlight Artist - Jim O'Raw

Jim O'Raw is the new illustrator on the scene. His works are colourful, abstract, and on the verge of surrealism. As he states about the importance of art, " I create art to give personal value to my existence, I know my work isn't the most ground breaking thing the world has ever seen, but it wasn't there until I made it, now it exists and will continue to exist after I am gone." O'Raw doesn't just stick to computer design. Instead he uses a variety of mediums such as collages, paint, and screen prints to create his works. As O'Raw states, he likes to have "some sort of physical contact with the work." His pieces are known for their sexual overtones and pops of colour. Aswell, he receives inspiration from vintage magazines and resolves these images with "a nice colour combination." Quirky, stunning, and ultimately intellectual, you can check out more of his works by clicking here.

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