The Beauty of Film

About a year ago I found an old film camera in a hidden corner of my room. The camera was a present from an aunt on my ninth Christmas. Also at this time, being a poor student just about to return to residence, I was without a digital camera and in need of some device to record the memories of university.
My mom at the time had fully switched over to digital, as everyone else in the entire world had, and had a desk drawer full of film. I snatched it, with permission, and ran off to school again with my new device at hand. 
I took so many photos of everyone and everything I encountered and when the first batch got developed I was so pleasantly surprised. Film photos look so genuine in comparison to the million of facebook digitalized photos I've seen. Not to bang technology, it's great, but film photos are just so intriguing. 
Slowly I became the photographer among my friends and started snapping shots whenever I could. No one could see the shots before they came out and there was no way of deleting the ones that did not portray people's face the exact way they wanted them. flaws show.
... and i love it. By not being able to see the result people were presented as they truly were at the time. You've got to accept the whole of people and events. No photoshop, no fake perfection. Not to sound overly dramatic but film photos helped me to grow up. 
Parties and everything could be just perfect as they are. Life was perfect in all its imperfection. Conclusion, film rules and i'll never stop with it...


  1. I call them REAL cameras and REAL photographs, maybe cause that's the way I started and how I became a photographer and love takin' pictures. Recently I've found my old film nikon fm-10 and started to take pics with it again. By the way; cool pictures! I like your blog :)


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