crosses are all over the place these days: around mk's fingers, on shirts, tattoo'd on people's bodies. while i think the cross is a really beautiful symbol and i dont believe everything in fashion should have a purpose nor does it have to be "original" (for instance people who have never even listened to metal fashioning iron maiden t-shirts- i have absolutely no problem with that), i do know that many of the times it is used in fashion and art, it means nothing. i am not religious but i am not sure whether this is right for such a heavy symbol, used by humanity forever. what do you think?


  1. Now looks to the blog, love it!..
    It's true everybody is getting that simbol in a tattoo...

  2. gahh your blog is amazing. seriously. i love the layout. now i feel really paranoid, though, because i don't know which one to check out. this one? january? how do you distinguish the two? you're cool.

  3. well I don't really have that big of a problem with seeing the cross symbol everywhere. I myself used to wear this cross ring, but their was a significance behind it. I follow the Christian faith, but I do not call myself a Christian.
    But I think someone wheres a symbol they don't understand, well then thats when I get angry.
    I love seeing the tattoos and seeing people wear the one cross dangle erring. But honestly if people do not know what the symbols mean that is a problem.

  4. Crosses in its various forms seem to be becoming "trendy" for lack of a better word and its true, people do wear them without thinking of the meaning behind it. Great post.


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