Chantal of Cocorosa

Chantal, a Finnish trend caster living in NYC, has loads of style. Previously a designer she states that "the job as a Trend Forecaster kind of just happened. I still love to design and I think I will always keep designing but I'm not sure if it will be a full time job anytime soon." Yet a do-it-yourself she posted of embellished tights made its way to VOGUE. When asked about her response to this form of media attention she states "I come from a very small town in the Netherlands so all these wild designer dreams I had while being in art school studying Fashion rose up again and to dream like that is great, it really is." From the designs we have seen so far, hopefully her dreams come true.
But back to business. When asked to explain the role of her vocation in the fashion industry she replied that "trend forecasters analyze and report on upcoming trends seasons ahead, sometimes up to 18 month ahead of time, most of the reports are done by analyzing and reporting on the runway shows but some, like me give a 18 months ahead forecasting by analyzing tendencies toward art, photography, lifestyle and by intuition, giving direction in global trends, colors and fabric."  Her career certainly influences her up-to-date style choices and she predicts that in the future we will see more "fantasy/ dreamy, decadency, dark/underworld inspired trends".
Yet she is still ambivalent about fashion. "Honestly, to me fashion is not that important (when we talk about clothing), actually fashion to me is not all about clothing, Fashion to me is the tendency people have towards certain styles in clothing, photography, art, lifestyle, behavior, beauty ideals, maybe towards certain trends? and why? Fashion reflects society and in that way Fashion is important to me." Ultimately fashion is important for the ways in which it influences, and is influenced by, life. A fresh face on the fashion scene, click here to view more.


  1. she has an AMAZING style plus a lovely personality.

  2. Like the post.. Her outfits are so chic and trendy...

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