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Fashion Confidential, a website which has been growing steadily over the past three years, has brought the idea of an online fashion magazine and taken it to the next level, truly engaging with all that the internet has to offer. Unlike most magazines, where the end product is two dimensional, Fashion Confidential adds a third dimension, allowing you to go strait from the magazine to organizing the fashion look for yourself. With a click of a button one can go from seeing their look on the magazine spread to wearing the pieces of designer clothing soon after.
 The magazine presents the designers in all aspects of life including inspiration, celebrity influences, and then the final end products of the runway. With interviews and spread boards, Fashion Confidential really attempts to demonstrate all aspects of the fashion world. With this magazine one gets to go backstage and fully experience the designers perspective and viewpoint. One is able to grasp the creator's vision upon which they can make informed decisions about what they want to wear.
Yet the fun continues. This website is more than just a magazine and offers many other services. With designer and boutique directories, style reports, and designer Q &A, this website incorporates every possible facet of the fashion industry. The most interesting section being the "fashion insider" in which insiders get questioned on all the ins and outs of the industry. Overall Fashion Confidential is clear and informative while providing ease to your fashion ventures. To see more of the site, click here.


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