Interns Canada

Want to be a fashion intern? Well, if you live in Canada the chances seem pretty small unless you are willing to travel out of the country. Small chances that is, until Melissa Ariganello from Montreal decided to change all that. She created the website Interns Canada in order to gather all the internship opportunities in Canada onto one succinct webpage. When asked about why she started the page she states "I was always hoping to find Internship opportunities for myself in Canada but I only stumbled upon American websites and ended up disappointed. Since I know a good deal about web design, I had the idea of making the ideal website myself, instead of wishing there was one." is dedicated to helping Canadian Students land internships and includes a variety of areas such as fashion, pr, web, marketing, and editorial. To visit the Interns Canada webpage simply click here.
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  1. This is awesome! What an amazing opportunity created by this girl.


this is the hook, you like it.