Shi of Buffalo Parade

Shi, a first year design student from down under, makes fanciful art and does so with some funky style. When asked to describe the character of her works overall she states "Honestly, I'm quite oblivious to my work having a 'style' because I view it everyday. But from what I've heard, it reminds people of childhood, inside jokes, mockery, drug induced experiences and the wild." Shi uses a variety of mediums for her creations " from conventional to unconventional" including pencils, inks, crayons, digital, foods, coffee, crushed petals, and dirt. She's certainly resourceful.
When asked about her favourite paintings she picked the two above. The first one (left) "reflects the harshness of modern living and how it is capable of draining your soul energy." This painting has an edgier tone compared to her second favourite (right) which is inspired by the famous Wizard of Oz . This one was her favourite because of the use of expression, which is something she creates throughout her life. Her website is not only known for her art but also for her sense of style. Though she claims to have a "Does she have a home?" look, Shi is creative and fearless in her fashion sense. Her website shows pictures of her in almost anything from tie dye pantyhose to glitter galore. In her future she sees herself as a grand illustrator with "a beautiful garden, a pet pig and love." Overall her website is full of inspiring photos and art pieces. To find out more simply click here.


  1. You didn't even mention her music taste!
    it's phenomenal


this is the hook, you like it.