Blogger Spotlight: SaraInks

A 17 –year-old fashion blogger may be a dime-a-dozen in this day and age, but Sara from sarainks brings something a little extra to the popular cyber world of fashion bogging. Her blog features her own creations: ink drawings, fashion illustrations, and crafty DIYs. Her fresh sense of humor, and mind-blowing artistic talent are enough to have any blog junkie drooling. With a Seventeen Magazine internship already under her belt, this girl definitely has a bright future ahead of her. The Fashion Press had the chance to talk to Sara about her experiences, her talent, and what she eventually hopes to do.

TFP: When and why did you start your blog?

S: Freshman year, my former best friend told me she made a fashion blog so I wasn't allowed to make a blog. I really didn't even know what a blog was but once I figured out a free way to post my artwork and spread the inspiration, I decided to hell with it, I'm making a blog.

TFP: Have you had any formal drawing/art training?

S: I've taken all the fashion and art classes my school has to offer, but none for fashion illustration. I'm not really allowed to turn in stuff I would post on my blog for graded assignments so I just practice my stylized illustration at home.

TFP: What inspires you?

S: People- in magazines, in books, in movies, people that I meet. That and all the time I spend sitting in front of the computer looking at fashion blogs and I got an eye-twitch once from using doing that for so long. How embarrassing...

TFP: What template do you do your artwork on?

S: I either sketch with an ink pen, fill it in with watercolor and scan it, or draw on Adobe Illustrator. I would like a tablet for Hanukkah. Actually, the whole Adobe Creative Suite would be nice; I use my schools program every day for 50 minutes because that’s how long the class period is.

TFP: What opportunities have you had within the industry?

S: To make a long story short, I got myself an internship with Seventeen Magazine this past summer (proof you can do anything you want if your ambitious enough!) and lived in NYC. It was truly one of the most valuable experiences I have ever had. I learned at ton working in the office, on photo shoots, marketing appointments, assisting stylists and befriending different editors. Doing the internship really sold the idea of working in the industry for me. As long as I'm working in fashion and doing something creative, I'll be happy. Doing illustration would just be my top choice. Right now I'm working on some custom-made stationary for the fashion assistant at Seventeen, Jasmine. Hopefully that will help kick start some more jobs.

Photo Credit: sarainks


  1. i love her artwork! it's absolutely amazing. :)

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