Diego Dolcini

Diego Dolcini, a shoe designer born in Naples, creates masterpieces. After first studying architecture at the Milan Polytechnic and Fine Arts in Bologna, he was awarded a scholarship to study fashion design at the Domus Academy in Milan. Since then he has designed accessories for the runway shows of Emilio Pucci and Bulfari, collaborated with Tom Ford as the Creative Director of Men's and Women's shoes, and since 2004 has been working with Dolce&Gabbana furthering the progress of their line. 
When asked about the inspiration for his creations he states " theatre, cinema, and the shapes and lines of architecture and design." His shoes certainly are greatly influenced from his education in both architecture and fine arts. They are beautiful and with unusual shapes they are unique from anything seen before. To see more of this artists work simply click here. 
photo credit - Diego Dolcini

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  1. wow, my gosh, amazing amazing, amazing! i am in love with the shoes in the bottom shot.


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