diy- the triangle stamp shirt

step 1: get a white plain t-shirt and put hard plastic or cardboard up the middle ( so it won't leak to the other side)
step 2: get a sponge and cut it into a triangle shape
step 3: get black fabric or permanent paint dip the sponge in it and place on shirt.
step 4: repeat pattern till done, wait a day till it's dry, then wash!


  1. yay for lee. love your creativeness and your ginger hair. and everything about you

  2. GREAT IDEA! This is a great DIY project!!

  3. Brilliant! I'm going to do this with a pair of shorts, thanks so much for the idea!

  4. I was inspired by this project to make a shirt of my own! I've blogged it and linked this post. You can find it here:
    Please let me know if the image I've taken from here is a problem. I'd be happy to remove it if it is.

  5. I adore this! Found you off Adrienne (the comment above). It's great to see more Canadian bloggers out there! :D


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