Laura of Pony Hunter

Laura from New Zealand looks like a character strait out of Skins but when asked about her style she doesn't know where to start. As she states "That's actually a tough task, my style changes more frequently than the weather does here in New Zealand and that's a lot." Yet it keeps her blog interesting as she goes from drastic black bobs to denim shoulder pad dresses. She finds herself inspired by so many things. To name a few, 90's grunge, Venice Beach skaters, the original rockers of the late 60s, mermaids, Abbey Lee, Iekeliene Stange, the traditional clothing of Eastern and Central Europe, Northern Africa, America and Southern Asia, liberty print florals, huge platform wedge shoes and she states "the list could go on forever".
As a communication student, model, and photographer, she recently got to work during New Zealand Fashion Week. As she speaks of her experience "I was actually working, not just attending, but it was still a lot of crazy crazy fun." Her blog has gained quite a following at a rapid pace since last summer. "It had been suggested by numerous people I start one for years but it had never really interested me, last summer I had a lot of spare time on my hands so I decided I'd give it a shot. It's a strange love hate relationship I have with blogging, I mean it seems so narcissistic and shallow, generally when people mention my blog to me I get very shy and embarrassed.. but then on the other hand, it's quite addictive, it's fun and since I have a very short attention span it's a good way to waste spare time" Even though she's been to fashion week she's still very down to Earth and has an understanding of the blogging phenomenon. As she states " I certainly wouldn't imagine my blog influencing fashion, it's more just a form of self expression to me." Self expression to the max, Laura is definitely one cool cat. To visit her page simply click here. 


  1. wow- love her style. incredible!
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  2. wow love that little blue dress



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