Music Spotlight: The xx

photo credit-Owen Richards

The xx's creative use of synths and drum machines create a sound unlike any other. Listeners are even given a tale of the ups and downs in a relationship as they hear Oliver Sim (singer/bassist) and Romy Madley Croft (guitarist/singer) trade off lyrics. Even covers of Aaliyah's "Hot Like Fire" and Womack's "Teardrops," are said to be "amazing." However, with the band's smooth and sultry sound, it is not a suprise that it has been gaining so many fans.

The xx consists of three 20-year-olds (Jamie Smith, Romy Madley Croft, and Oliver Sim) from West London. The band began with the friendship of Croft and Sim. By the age of 16, the two started a band with two other students (Jaime Smith and Baria Qureshi) at Elliot School, which is known of producing bands, such as Hot Chip and Burial. Due to the exhaustion of one of it's members, the band currently only consists of three members.

The new three-piece band has been making headway in the U.K. The band is even placed at number 6 in the 2009 NME "The Future 50" list. However, they recently have been gaining a new audience in the United States. Their music has been featured on several popular U.S. television shows, such as Lie to Me, Mercy, and 90210.

Earlier this year, the band released it's debut album XX, which can be bought here. If you would like to see tour dates of The Xx, then visit either their myspace or official website. Last, here is a video of their single "Basic Space.

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