Covert Candy - Vintage Clothes Swap

Covert Candy, a new vintage clothes swap site, is allowing you to have your cake and eat it too. We all have clothes that we just don't get around to wearing. They lay there, gather dust, and ultimately we begin to wonder what we were thinking in the first place. Well, now you can swap those items you don't use for ones you will. Harry, one of the creators of the site, emailed us a few days ago to discuss Covert Candy's idea and concept. When asked about the site's creation he states "We imagined a big pile of clothes with everyone throwing in stuff that they no longer wanted and taking out stuff they did want. We basically worked backwards from there to work out how something similar to this could happen online. From here the concept of CovertCandy was a long process of plans that took two years to turn into a community that works." 

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