Crystal of Make a Wish

Crystal, a graphic design and photography student, is a fashionista with a lot on her plate. "I do a lot of freelance photography and graphic design work alongside my job as a photographer for my college's communication department." Though still a student, her style is mature and classic with quirky twists. When asked to describe it she states "Describing my own style is always hard to do. I dress entirely to my mood that morning, whatever colors and proportions seem right to how I'm feeling. My style is based around seeing potential in thrifted items that don't have much. My style is slightly quirky yet timeless at the same time."
And as any young lady with style would, she started a blog. "As a photographer I work with a lot self-portraits and with my growing love for fashion I started combining the two. I would plan whole photo shoots complete with outfit changes with myself, my tripod and my camera. I started posting my outfit photos on sites like Lookbook/Chictopia and then figured a blog would be the best place to share my fashion sense with a wider audience." Crystal has got motivation and is definitely head-strong. As she states of her future "I'm destined to work in some department in the fashion industry, whether it's as a stylist, an editor, a model or even a photographer. I won't settle for anything else, it's my passion. I always make jokes with my friends about things I'll do when I'm editor of Vogue, but in a way I'm kind of not joking. It's one of my goals in life to be an editor of some fashion magazine. Vogue would be ideal but I can compromise." To see where she goes, check this cool cat's blog by clicking here. 

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