do it yourself - the jimi hendrix jacket

step 1: you'll need a black tux jacket, gold rope, gold buttons, gold ribbon and fur trim
step 2: pop the collar of the tux jacket so that it's a strait edge down the front, cut as necessary
step 3: gold collar - sew lines of ribbon to the collar of the jacket
step 4: arm bands - sew lines of ribbon on the arms of the jacket
step 5: the band tassels - sew lines of gold rope onto the jacket in lines with two hoops on the sides. do this step by hand.
step 6: sew the buttons onto the tassels where the hoops meet
step 7: sew in fur trim by hand and voila!
note: this took about 2 full days so do it over time or during a long weekend


  1. wow- this came out so well!! great step by step- ill have to try it out! happy new years :)


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