Eline from A Fluffy Blog

Eline, a second year illustration student, is a stylized version of colour block. With pinky blonde hair and vibrant outfits she seems like a character right out of ones imagination. Yet her fashion manifesto remains quite down to earth. When asked about her style she states "I would describe my style as myself; irregular with lots of ups and downs but always hunkering times that never were in vintage clothes and child-like prints, fluffiness and glitter." Her favourite item of clothing is a leopard jacket which goes well with her quirky-cool sense of style. But where does this style vision see herself in the future? "I've no idea, I'm one of those people for whom it's absolutely impossible to envision anything further than an hour in the future. But I'd like to do something with books as in illustrate and possibly write them. Time will tell if I'm capable to do so." With a creative mind such as this one there is no doubt she will. To see more of Eline's style and life simply click here.  

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