Music Review - Vampire Weekend

So we've all been waiting to hear from Vampire Weekend since their first self-titled album came out back in '08, so I was very impatient for Contra to be released. With their same old preppy sound and a few twists, I was not left dissapointed. They even prepared this fancy little widget for you to give it a listen:

I fell in love with Vampire Weekend the first time I heard their crazy quick paced hit "A-Punk". It was such a new sound for me. Their music was very distinct to them as well, and in the first album it all followed this. I feel like Contra sounds more experimental, with some tracks even sounding like the keyboardist's side project Discovery, theres definetly more variety this time around. Its a little weird since its as if they had found 'their sound' in the first album, but now they're trying out new things.

They've really hit it big with Contra though, A-Punk did get plays on the radio, but I've had friends telling me how Contra is all over the HMV, not to mention all over the blogsphere. It's huge, but how can anyone not like these guys?

They're fantastic. So fun. So fresh. I had the pleasure of seeing them live in the summer, and I will be impatiently waiting til the next time they're near.

-Laura Schütte. [more from me here]

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